Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Las Americas

It´s already more than 5 months since I left Poland. Sometimes I´m fed up, sick (literally, like now) and tired, wanna go back to do... I don´t know what in Europe or in Poland.
I´m in Mexico. 5 min decision. Ticket bought. Damage done. I´ve been here more than 4 weeks now. Hitch hiked all over the place, yes- alone, yes- without much of Spanish, altough I´m learning.
Back to ¨third world country¨ or whatever you call it. It took me whole 5 days, I think, to get used to being different on the streets, in the restaurants. It´s all normal now, and I feel almost like home. Like in Asia, which Mexico resembles a lot.
And even though sometimes I wanna go back, there´s something which pushes me and keep me going. And that´s what I will be doing, again.