Tuesday, 20 January 2015

there always is a first time (said by the police officer)

So, ladies and gentelmen. Please welcome me in the first row, as I´m a new member, of a "I got robbed" club. Yeey.
Maybe I thought I would never happen to me. But still, now, I think of it as a quite funny situation, even though the knife has been used somewhere in the meantime.
So. I walk (forever alone - another golden quote from another police officer) out of La Ventosa, Oaxaca to hitch hike to (un)famous San Cristobal. Wait on the road some 20 min, nothing around, soem wooden huts further away, 1 car per minute. My bag on the ground, as usual. And then here HE comes.  Some Mexican dude. There are always some Mexican dudes wandering around in the most solitary places, so I´m not even interested by his approach. He comes and starts with usual "Hola, donde vas? bla bla bla". The only thing I have on my mind is to get rid of him, because his mumbling so that I cannot understand a thing, and his making a fake crowd. And then he grabs my bag, an I´m like "what the fuck?" and I try to take it back. The sun is in my eyes, so I cannot see that he holds a knife against me, so I ignore the fack and start to run after him, as he picks up my bag and runs too. Small motherfucker, but he´s fast (and has a knife), so I turn around to see a truck coming. I stand in the middle of the road stopping the truck but the driver tells me to ask someone else for help. Car behind him, same story again. Finally taxi picks me up and drives back to the town (hell! I thought the guy would jump out of the car and run after the thief with me, but, well, maybe that´s just in films). I stay at the police, waiting for the car with more officers to come. Then we go to the spot, but of course no sign of a man or my backpack. We go around the village to look for him (and excuse me, Mr officers, but did you really think the guy would be on the streets or in a cantina straight after robbery?), no result. I go to the other, bigger, police station, where eventually I get food (bought by officer) and stay for a night. The morning after we come back to the spot again, again no results. Then I get send to the federal police in Juchitan, where I make an official statement (in Spanish!) and all I have to do now if wait for information (and in reality, just buy new stuff and keep going - I don´t believe it will ever be found).
Stupid robber. If only he had stolen the bag I had on my arm, I would have been in deeeep shit. Now, I´m in a bit more shallow, but still shit. My ATM card - the only valuable thing in the bag, got stolen, and now I have some 200 pesos on me and 2 weeks (minimum) to wait for another one to be send from Poland. Other things? Yeah, 1 year old diary, 25 pages of letter to my parents, a book, chargers, clothes, relatively new sleeping bag and a tent. All pretty much replaceable, but I get sick when I think how many small things I need to buy again. It´s easier to say what I have left; a top, trousers, bra, pants, a map of Mexico, wallet, passport, small mirror, sunscreen, sun glasses and a camera.
Will I come back like LosWiaheros guys who got robbed in Bolivia and immediately returned to Poland? Hell no! I´ll keep on rocking and! I´m 10 kg ligher now, just how I wished... ;)