Tuesday, 11 August 2015

soy america latina

8 and a half months on the road. On the Panamericana road to be more precise. From Mexico until south Peru (now). I'm still here, and god, I'm still alive. They told me I'd be dead in a day, alone, hitch hiking in Latin America, but... oops, someone was wrong.
3 countries which really touched me and in the same time, kicked my ass - Mexico, Colombia, Peru. In 2 of them I got robbed, but I still love it. It´s other world, though. Other than Europe I mean, and sometimes I have just enough of it. Lack of organization, lack of sense of time, lack of sense in many cases. But it makes me sad thinking that, what for me is lack of luxuries, temporary suffering in cock roached rooms with no wall paint, for many people from here is daily life. We´re still in third world country, aren´t we?

I was almost on the edge some day ago. Almost came back, but to where? I didn´t even know where to go. There´s no more a place in this world I call "home". Or rather, whole world is my home. Just give me some days in each country and I will feel like a life long citizen. But then, I can leave just like that, with no sentiments. So I keep on going, stopping, returning but keep moving at least. Looking ahead.

And again, like in Asia, I feel at home. I feel more connected with this twisted world within less then one year, than after 21 years spent in Europe with European world. And again I´m proving (more for myself now than for anyone else) that 99% of people are amazing, helpful with no interest, and again saving my life in so many aspects.