Thursday, 24 July 2014

Long Hard Road Out of Home

Been staying home for 4 weeks now! It's the second longest stay in one place this year and I really haven't planned it. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was forced to stay in Poland for 3 weeks more than I expected. Firstly it was anger, later annoyance and frustration that I'm wasting my time, that I should have been on the way already etc. "Home time" I transformed into never ending meetings with friends (I can't really look at them now, after whole days spent with them, day by day), house parties, sunbathing, ice creams eating and everything else you can call "holiday activities". Well, at the end (maybe) it wasn't so bad, as I haven't done these things for years (apart from the fact I\ve thought about my last 3 years of life as one long holiday, but not in strict sense of the word). I got over the feeling of time waste and started thinking about it as a new life experience, with just a little time wasted...
But yeah, I'm finally moving from this "velcro seat" and soon will come back to what I sacrificed my recent life for - viajar! (And hopefully next trip will be quite a long one, but pssst, that's a secret so far...)
By the way, August 10th will be 3rd anniversary of my travelling lifestyle. Let's celebrate it somewhere! 

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