Thursday, 2 October 2014

just another day on the way.

12:25 pm, +22 degrees in shade (and some +25 in sun), I'm sipping 2,5 euro beer (250ml) in French bar on the main street in the old town of Clermont - Ferrand, and trying to be posh and sophisticated (while carrying my $100 tablet in a plastic bag at the same time). Yeah, I'm on holiday in the end. Over-3-year-long holiday, so I have (a little) right to spoil myself, or to pretend to be one of these hundrets of tourist.
It's been over 2 months now, since I left Poland. Another "dream" from childhood came true - I've made it around the Baltic sea, I've made it to Nordkapp, I've made it all alone. The last one is not so much of an achievement as I've met dozens of people who helped me, and it's actually them who made this trip come true. And not only CSers, but local people of these vast places such as northern Norway, who proved that even Europeans can be extremally hospitable and helpful. Language spoiled me, as everyone uses English, so there's no problems with communication and the lack of barrier actually helps in getting know the place, from the history and geography, to current political and social situation.
Same for England, which (again) surprised me - hitch hiking is not as bad as I've thought it was, and actually it went surprisingle well, with a few extras such as a person stopping by herself and taking me 2/3 of the way (which was not a straight road).
And then, the country of weirdeness - Estonia. I can't really tell why I got so mesmerized by this place, but it's unique, really. It's like you suddenly discover that great place, some far far away, in the end of Europe. The place you knew it existed, but you would never tell it is so nice.
So yeah, first Eesti, then Norway and then England. 3 surprises which encouraged me to still believe that people everywhere are good (with a few exceptions, as usual). Round the Baltic Sea tour - checked. And I'm slowly heading to the end of continent from the western side. France, Spain, Portugal, and then the great unknown. And as usual, I try not to think about it, just go with a flow and wait for Nature to make thing going the right way...

ps. I'm already doing the second longest trip in my life (over 9 weeks now).

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