Monday, 13 October 2014

italy? it's all about sex!

Ok, firstly, I gotta say, it's not gonna be objective feedback from travelling in Italy, as I've only been there 4 days, only hitch hiked from Swiss border to the coast near Savona, and only surfed with one CS host. But!
Go to Italy if you wanna wonder if every driver is gonna invite you for a few minutes in the bushes, and before that stand by the road in perfect hhiking spot for hours.

I've been hitch hiking alone 1,5 years now, is some 15 different countries and never ever requested stopping like here, now. In Italy - 3 times in 2 days. In Italy, literally (I've counted) every second driver asked me for sex (so what I've only had 6 of them ;), the statistics are statistics).
So I was hitch hking from Geneva, Switzerland, through France (fucking amazing views, btw, Mt. Blanc etc), where I was picked up by 32-year-old dude from Milan. 20% in English, 80% in Italian (and vice versa with me), and somehow we manage to make some kinda conversation, until guy started asking me for English names for dick, pussy, ass etc and then wanted me to show him my pubic hair as he "couldn't believe it's blond as he never seen a blond one" (really? can you be that stupid?). It was all said in kinda funny way, so II thought he was joking, but then I saw he was actually searching for some parking lot to pull over. When I refused to do so (duh!), and started talking about a place I was supposed to get off, he said he wouldn't let me get off, that he was "the boss in this car" and he was taking me to Milan to fuck me for 2 hours (he was saying that while passing by yet another petrol station and motorways junctions).
I was playing it cool till the end, and just demanding stopping, some 4 times, and finally he did stop, at the emergency stopping area, where just at the same time (!) a truck pulled over, so all I did was to get off the car and ask the other driver (German, and god bless this guy for being German) to take me to the nearest petrol station. Finito.
And my regular self would call the Italian guy "@#%!#%@$!!&&^#!@%#", but my Buddhist self would try to understand his behaviour. The guy either hated or envied my lifestyle, as he was saying smth that I didn't know what the real life is, that I should have family, kids, work for them etc, not just mess round and do "nothing". So the only way I can explain what has happened is that he wanted to scare me from doing this again (not so easy, dude!). He wasnt a vilain, he did stop (and honestly, what could he have done? drag me to his place where his wife and kid lived? come on. I knew he would let me go sooner or later, but was kinda in hurry to get to Turin to play this game with him), and at the end he gave me a pear (?!).
My lovely host, who let me stay at his place, actually invited me after my last minute request (this whole Turin trip was planned in 5 min the evening before). We enjoyed local red wine (1.7 euro per bottle), finished one bottle each, and then finished all the remaining alcohol in the flat. Then the guy tried to kiss me and then do all the other things which come next, plus we had an argument which he apologised for later on, but then Turin is the most misterious place on Earth as it makes the angles for both Black and White Magic Triangle (Google it if you wanna find out more, that's pretty scary story I had no idea about, but somehow I ended up in the place anyways, thanx to Powers-That-Be I guess). So all the bad energy caused weird moments in the city (the other person discovered her camera was broken just in fron of the obelisk which is told to be standing on the entrance to Hell).
I wanted to get out of the high tension triangle place, so hitch hiked south, towards Savona.I would have been stuck at the gas station for sure if not 2 Moroccan guys who stopped and took me 100 km south. There I changed for local road, instead of motorway, and started 5-20km rides for the whole day. The spot was perfect, no one would stop. I walked some 7 km in total that day. But actually it stared ok, from that oldish man who stopped after just 3 min of waiting, and was supposed to take me 30 km further. Took 15, I forced him to stop after he was gibberishing about sex for 5 min and then tried to touch my boobs.
The same day! After 1 normal driver, another freak comes. This one looked fucked up from the very beginning but it was only 15 km to go, and I was sick and tired of waiting for over an hour. He actually looked like Pavlov's dog. His mouth almost watering when he was looking at me (fully dressed, jacked zipped till the end, but still...). After 5 min of ride he pointed at his dick and I could only mumble "oh, gosh" and told him to stop. 2 times and he still says smth about paying me 20 euro (hm... I lost a value a bit, last time it was 50 proposed). Final "stop" came out a bit more like a shout, so he stopped at the hard shoulder, I got off, slammed the door (a bit too soft. My Buddhist self got tired this time), and the man made U-turn and came back. Hell, he was stopping just for sex in the first instance.
Holy crap, this is Italy.

I'm proud of everyone who read it till the end.

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